Not in heaven. yet.

| Tuesday, January 20, 2009 | 1 comments |
"New year, new hope, new start?"

What about the existence of the past?

Compared to the past,

I'm still same same.

Life still same same.

Nothing is new.

Am I in 2009? =.=

Rotted for 2 month.

1 more month to go.

Anyone wanna go scuba diving with me at Niagara Falls? =D
(Just joking. *giggles*. wtf.)

我总不能正经, 24小时搞笑. 做太多过度无聊的事.

Happy 2009.

| Monday, January 5, 2009 | 3 comments |
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Early sign if your son is gay. (Imagine discover that on new year itself.)

Do something before is too late. Act right.

Feeding children with lollipops are not advisable either.

Happy New Year people. I know I'm late by 5 days. But better late than never right.

2008 had been a typical year I've lived throughout every year.

Shit happens. Good things happen. And then shit happens again. So every year it ended up shitty. I call this the shit-happens-cycle. Wtf.

This post is not an emo post. Is just to prove that I'm still alive in this world - this very happening world, where shit happens.