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Is amazing discovering the different kind of people in this world.

I just find this particular individual quite amusing. =P


Happy Deepavali.

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Disclaimer: This post has no intention of offending anyone, any race, any religion or anything.





A msn conversation months ago with my beloved indian friend Sutesh.

5ut3s# says:

i am here

5ut3s# says:

ur buddha

| mr. weng | Oh my Buddha, where are you? says:

apa sal buddha saya begitu hitam ni..

| mr. weng | Oh my Buddha, where are you? says:

babi ah.. =D

5ut3s# says:


5ut3s# says:

real buddha actually was black as fuck

5ut3s# says:

cause he was from india

5ut3s# says:

not china

5ut3s# says:

after centuries

5ut3s# says:

u ppl modify his image made him fairier

5ut3s# says:

so dont simply think buddha is yellow

5ut3s# says:

his actually BLACK

5ut3s# says:

dont mess

| mr. weng | Oh my Buddha, where are you? says:


| mr. weng | Oh my Buddha, where are you? says:

i forgot that..

| mr. weng | Oh my Buddha, where are you? says:

you even noe more about my religion..

| mr. weng | Oh my Buddha, where are you? says:

you rock la brother..

| mr. weng | Oh my Buddha, where are you? says:

i noe hindu, the god looks like elephant.. from jungle ah?

| mr. weng | Oh my Buddha, where are you? says:


5ut3s# says:

no no

5ut3s# says:

actually normal head

5ut3s# says:

but then i dont know why the fuck

5ut3s# says:

got elephant

Buddha is black afterall. o.O!!

Thank you my Indian friend.

Because of your race.

We have more public holiday!

I May Be Wrong

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We were always given choices in life. To decide. Left turn or right turn. A choice where we might ended up getting hurt.

Some people choose to not decide at all, afraid of what lies ahead.

Most of the people will say, "Not to do decide at all, time will decide itself. What if you make a wrong choice? Ignorance is a bliss. bla bla bla."

But I've made a choice. Taking the risk.

And I've never regretted what I've decided so far.

The only thing I've regretted is there are things that I've choose not to decide.

Despite getting hurt sometimes, things often turns out not as bad as you think after all.

Is like an achievement in life. Being satisfied with our own decision.

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See? it wouldn't been that bad.

I am still here

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Good morning~ Haven been updating something interesting lately.

And now no one reads it anymore.

*cries and run around in pentagon shape*

Waking up in the early morning to finish up my assignment. Class starting in 3 hours time.

I hate assignments. (It's like 3982723485 times I'm telling everyone this.)

I hate classes.

I hate school.

Because is just so............... daily?

And complaining has been my daily routine. >.<

Back to work. kthxbai.

I hate, I love.

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Love, Hate?

I Hate:


When I swore I will start my "bertaubat" program, I ended up slacking.
That's why I'm here. Blogging.


I have been so busy these days. Making love with assignments.
I barely have time for myself.
I don't have the time to love myself anymore. wtf.

·Brainless Idiots on the road

I am not brainless nor idiot. I'm just reckless. =X

I'm talking about those people who don't know how to drive properly.


WORSE, lim pek slow down for him to cut, the fellow slowed down as well because he was too afraid to cut.


·My Neighbours. Both of them.

Imagine sleeping at 6am, and you got the drilling noises right beside your ears at 8am.
I swear the noise makes me thinks that actually there is something inside my head drilling.
Can't they freaking bomb it instead of drilling? =.=

·Certain races.

I'm racist. Screw me.
I'm so racist that I even hate my own race. Chinese.
Sometimes they're just so inconsiderate.
Don't ask me why. Because i said so.

Enough for the hating.

Love is in the air anyway. Because I Got You.

You know who you are. =)

Simple. Quick. Out.

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Class started and is so no fun because assignment due dates are catching up. Because I'm not running. (Lol wtf. lame. =.=)

A little update on what I've been doing during my holidays.

Being a little gay.

Erm. Maybe a little more gay-er.

Meeting Anis from Penang. And a small gathering of a few bloggers.
And I let a 15 year old girl drove my car that night. Almost died. =.=

Celebrated our secondary school friend's belated birthday. A detailed post here.

House bunny premiere.

Makan babi bersama-sama dengan acey, wetwetwater, sherry dan su ling.

Liquor is spelled Likeur in Win Keat's dictionary.

Back to assignments. kthxbai.

House Bunny Premiere Screening

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Thanks CopyKate for the ticket.

Thanks ChrissThoo, CathyC, SuperWilson for the photos.

Thanks Nuffnang for the event.

Woke up at 9am to wake Sherry up. Unfortunately, her phone was being stupid and I can't reach her.

So the day started with me YELLING IN FRONT OF SHERRY'S HOUSE. =D

Is not fun ya know. Standing under the hot sun for almost 15 minutes and keep yelling Sherry's name. Her neighbor came out, saw me yelling, I apologized, but she said it was okay. So a lot of guys must have done the same thing too i guess. XD

Being a vain fellow like me. I went to cut my hair because sherry asked me to just to look good for the Nuffnang gathering later.

When I was cutting my hair, a cute girl came into the saloon. At that time, something between my leg was vibrating like mad. It was the phone.

CathyC the barbarian sms-ed my phone. Unable to reply the message because I can't reach the phone in my pants. Then, being such an adorable barbarian, she spammed some more and the phone which was between my leg, vibrated more. XD

Pick up Sherry and met up with Kelvin a.k.a WetWetWater and CathyC at the Curve.

Italiannies is where we had lunch.

RedBox is where we had fun.

Sherry on the right.

Kelvin on the left.

Yours truly. I'm the guy btw. =.=

Pics were all stolen from CathyC's blog. That's why all the pictures contain her ugly face.

Went for a dinner gathering at Manhattan Fish Market. CathyC went off to join her friends for dinner.

Kelvin and Mua

SuperWilson, Sherry, Zoe

ChrisThoo, EV, SuperWilson, Sherry, Zoe

Went to collect the tickets after the dinner. Bunch of bloggers already having their camwhore festival started.

(Cheez, ChrissThoo, CathyC, Sherry, EV, Zoe, SuperWilson, Karena, Ren)
I iz the camera man. T_T!!

Ringo from MDG and EV.

Me acting chio posing wif the pink house bunny bag and CathyC.

Me, Sherry, Zoe, Chris.

Me and Sherry.

The Movie.

A very enjoyable bimbotic movie. Recommended. Rate it 7/10 because not enough bunnies in action la. XD