Slow Mo

| Monday, September 29, 2008 | 0 comments |
Saw this picture.

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Look at the amount of program he opened. No wonder he got the ads. LOL.

Next Week

| Thursday, September 25, 2008 | 0 comments |
will be my holiday! Finally.

For almost 3 month, waking up at 9am and get ready for class is a total pain in the ass. Every single time I step into the class, I wish that classmates of mine would tell me the lecturer fell into a drain and got washed away therefore class canceled wtf. Class is so boring can?

I know classes are meant for you to learn something new and all, but heck, I'm losing the interest of going class already. Every time stepping into the class at 10am, everyone will be sitting quietly waiting for the lecturer to enter. I've NEVER ever seen any of my classmates in uni this semester goofing around before. Only study, study, study.

Okay i know my class isn't that bad. But is just too boring. I don't mind being chased by bunch of stray dogs whenever i go out rather then rotting in class, dreaming about absolute nothingness (wtf is there such word?)

I get pissed off easily lately.

Got back my test result recently. This friend of mine scored quite good result, and he saw my result as well. Another friend came by and ask how was our result.

&@*#%. You know what he answered?

"Oh, I did quite badly la. But at least I'm a lot better than those people who scored lower than me."

KNN. And he look at me and say sorry after that. If I were given some sort of power, I would have turn his wee wee into a pussy.

I was so pissed of okay, maybe it wasn't done intentionally, but the feeling sucks ya know, being embarrassed in front of a friend.

Uhhhh, maybe I should just start preparing for my finals before more of my friends would be laughing at me if I were to retake the same paper next semester.

Damn, I'm dying.

Just a piece of me.

| Tuesday, September 23, 2008 | 1 comments |
Okay people. Sorry for the lack of updates. Sent my CPU for repair. In the mean time. A video to entertain you people.

Most of the girls like muscular don't they? Check out the video and you girls out there would prefer a skinny dude like me instead. XD

Went for the Mama Mia premiere screening, shall blog update as soon as i start stealing photos from everyone. XD

A good news

| Thursday, September 18, 2008 | 2 comments |

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I'm feeling excited,
Because I'm going for the Mama Mia premiere screening Wooohooooo~!!

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"Mama Mia, I got the tickets!! My my, how can I thank you?"

Thank you Nuffnang. =)

Very Beautiful Lady Boy

| Sunday, September 14, 2008 | 7 comments |
I think I'm falling in love with transgenders aka tranny.

After reading my previous post, a friend of mine sent me an e-mail of a very beautiful tranny which millions of perverted guys would die for her.


Real Name: Treechada Marnyaporn
Nickname: Nong Poy
Height : 171 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Measurement: 33 – 24 – 36
Occupation : Actress, Singer, Model
Awards received:
Miss Tiffany 2004
Miss International Queen 2004

Poy, a Thai, changing sex at the age of 17, enjoyed high reputation in Thailand since winning Miss Tiffany Competition (some sort of tranny beauty contest). During one of her interview, she tell her story after having sex changing operation. She won the crown of Miss Tiffany beauty contest at the age of 19.

During a talk show, she said that when she was small, she used to think of becoming a girl, but in-front of her parents, she had to pretend as a man. She felt disgusted of her ‘male organ’, so at the age of 17, she went for the sex change surgery and since that, she felt as if she is a new born.

Recently, Poy is promoting some slimming products and has taken some sexy photo shots in Thailand. Her reputation keeps on growing as she has been a hot topics on the Internet among those South East Asians.

Let me read your mind.

"She is not a tranny, she is not a tranny, she is not a tranny. Nooooooooo!!!"

More pics. XD!!

Anyone interested of flying to Bang cock Bangkok to meet her?

Beautiful Men

| Thursday, September 11, 2008 | 5 comments |
Whenever we see a ugly girl who look like a guy, sound like a guy, walk like a guy, pee like a guy, we call them "ah gua" aka transgenders aka tranny.

Whenever we see a hot chick who look like a hot chick, sound like a hot chick, walk like a hot chick, we call them hot chick.

But you never know until the day you get into their pants. XD!!

And maybe one day, I shall win the crown of being the most beautiful tranny ever. XD

Photopshoped by darling JunJun-Riko.

Not an ordinary day

| Saturday, September 6, 2008 | 2 comments |
While rushing my assignment on Sunday midnight, Sherry message me whether I'm free on Monday which is a public holiday. She invited me to join a few other blogger for breakfast and a visit to PAWS after that. Being lifeless nice, I agreed.

Tired. Slept at 4am. Woke up at 8am to wake Sherry up. Called her phone until she wakes up. However, both of us snoozed off after that. We rock, I know. Unfortunately Luckily both of my neighbor were renovating their house, thanks to the BAM BOOM BAM WAM RAM, I woke up. Who the hell renovates their house on a public holiday!! =.=

Was about 30 minutes late when we arrived at Coffee Bean for breakfast. However, both of us were still the earliest to reach. Malaysian's timing rock my socks.

The cup which is as big as a bowl.

Met up with Zoe, Suling and Yee Hou.

Have not been to any breakfast session with people since I-don't-know-when-but-definitely-a-long-time. Had a good time talking, gossiping, bitching about a lot a lot of stuffs.

Headed to PAWS about 12. Yee Hou is the driver for the day.

Su, Sherry, Zoe

Nuffnang's banner.


Amazingly is open during public holiday as well.

A dog.

Another dog.

More dogs/bitches.

The only monkey in PAWS.

And the monkey's imaginary partner.

Pussy cat.

Some human pics before you guys start humping the stray dogs outside.

Molesting the puppy while Zoe waits for her turn.

I pity the puppy.

Yee Hou trying to get himself a puppy too.

Enjoying the show.

Can't control myself anymore.

A group pic.


So people, why buy pets from pet shops while you can get cheap and economical pets at PAWS?