Back to School

| Tuesday, July 29, 2008 | 0 comments |


Class was boring.

No one attractive.

Left a very very "good" impression to the lecturer because i was sitting inappropriately. =.=

Can already feel the heavy workload by listening to the lecturer's speeches.

How do i enroll? =/

Life without a mouse.

| Thursday, July 24, 2008 | 2 comments |
Hi friend friend. Guess what? I'm blogging without using a mouse!! Damn proud okay *syok sendiri* =.= Apparently my mouse ran out of battery and I have no extra batteries at home. =(

No, my mouse is not operated by a mouse.

Didn't bother going out to get myself some new batteries. I rather blog without the mouse so i can kill more time because i have too much time to waste.

Is damn time consuming okay, to press the tab button gazillion times to scroll to the picture for me to copy paste pictures. Then press the tab button another million time to start typing out this post.

I ended up wasted 30 minutes of my life to type this post.

Yea, so I'm surfing the net without any clicking. Is damn stupid okay? Imagine you wanted to go to China so badly, however the plane ran out of petrol, then you ended up walking to China.

Anyone wanna donate some batteries to me? T_____T

Sorry for being MIA

| Monday, July 21, 2008 | 0 comments |
because i was working for the CIA.

I'm sorry for neglecting my blog for so long. Has been really really busy during my holidays. Have been going out with friends almost every single day and i did burnt my wallet a freaking big hole. Went karaoke twice in 3 days. Lunch and dinner. Cybercafe expenses. I'm broke. T___T

Things i haven't accomplished during my holidays.

1. Choose a timetable for my course. I bet I'll be having shitty timetable for this semester as most of the class are full by now.


Ride a pwetty pony.


Playing football in a more challenging way. =)


Riding a horse-cock.


Not something you expected huh? XD

Still pending

| Monday, July 14, 2008 | 0 comments |
Okay, sorry for not updating for 243,984,573,840 years. Have been going out everyday since my holiday started. Mostly meeting old friends and stuffs, so i'm not gonna blog about it.


Anyone wanna come my house and have a good talk with my dad?

To be continued

| Monday, July 7, 2008 | 0 comments |
Just came back from Penang. Quite sad because we didn't have a cameraman around this time. Our cameraman was involved in the accident as mention on the previous post. He's practically lying down on his bed figuring how to solve his itchiness problem while we're gone to Penang. XD

While waiting for people to send me their photos, I shall upload some of the random photos I've captured along the journey.

Received a summon for speeding. >.<

Average toilet urinal for average guys with an average dick

Giant urinal for Extraordinary guys with a Humongous cock

I didn't know a halal dim sum would menceriakan hidup saya =.=

We did a 69 position last night ;)

Now I'm back to Subang, stoning. Bring me out!!

Speed does not kill, driver does.

| Thursday, July 3, 2008 | 4 comments |
Once upon a time, in a land far far far away, there was a boy called Andrew. =.= *Actually not a land far far away, he just live one row behind my house*

Little Andrew had this destiny of breaking bones every now and then. If you're interested in some of his injuries, click here.

So, it was a friday afternoon, playing futsal, we got news from Ryan that Andrew was involved in a accident.

Being such good friend this is our reaction.

Me: Again? =/
Sam: Again?
Barney: Again?
Sean: wtf, again?
Calvyn: Harh, again ah?

And being such wonderful friends, we continued our futsal game. =)

Well, can blame us right? He'll be hospitalized almost every year. He even celebrated his 14th *or was it 15 or 16?* in a hospital.

Of cause we did visit him that night. And took a few pictures. =D

He was sleeping when we arrived.

The face.

The leg

The hand

The fingers

The poser =.=

He's eyes were itchy so the mother was helping him to take out the contact lenses.

Apparently the accident was not because he drove too fast though he drives really fast .

Andrew drove a bike for your info. It was because a dumb ass driver who wanted to turn left but stayed on the right lane. So Andrew tried to avoid the car however was forced to crash into another car. The irresponsible dumb ass driver sped off. Luckily the driver who Andrew bang was nice enough to send him to the hospital.

The morale of the story is: Drive a big car so that if people bang you, people die, you won't die.