Baby eating blood

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Sorry people for the lack of updates but i promise i'll update more once i'm done with my exam. One more subject left, and i'm free like a wild beast.

Found a question asked by a fellow in Yahoo!Answers.

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Oh ya allah buddha ku, this must be the best question of all question asked in Yahoo!Answers.

If you're interested to read the responds for the question, here's the link.

OMG, a dracula baby is soon to be born. =)

I hate it

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Sorry for the lack of updates, exam starting next week. Have to start studying la, if i were to fail, RM3000++ to repeat each subject can?

Oh tuhan, please have mercy. Any donations just in case i fail?


Hancock will be released on 2nd July 2008. However some people played a little joke on Will Smith.

Anyone interested in a big cock or a fat cock superhero?

Made of honour

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Before starting the post, i would like to thank:

  1. Sam, for fetching me and sherry to the dinner.
  2. Sherry, for inviting me to the dinner.
  3. Calvyn, for fetching me and sherry home after the dinner.
  4. A few bloggers, whom i steal the pictures from but i forgot their links. -.-

Didnt bring my camera because i forgot to charge the batteries. =.=" So, all the pictures were copied from everywhere. Thank you to all the bloggers who took all these photos.

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The moment me and sherry went it, there's this guy from JW Mariot asking me and sherry if we were getting married soon, as the hotel is having wedding dinner packages. =.="

Obviously we said no la, 19 year old wanna get married d meh. You know what the guy replied? "If you're getting married in the future, please do contact us."

You people out there, please tell me I do not look that old and is about to get married. Unless i made someone pregnant then dif story. wtf.

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Event started with bunch of guys playing the bagpipe.
I can't stop laughing looking at their "skirts". -.-

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A performance by a 14 year old boy and a 9 year old girl. Salsa dance.
Professional dancers can?

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Food was okay, having Häagen-Dazs ice cream as dessert is heaven.
Hello, i poor kampung boy can? where got chance to eat such expensive ice cream.

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On the left the married for 20 years couple,
Middle dont-know-getting-married-anot couple,
and on the right the just married couple.

They had this game for chosen couples to play.
Win or lose, they will still win a stay at JW mariot hotel.
Hmmmmm, i wonder what will they do for the rest of the night? =)

Get to meet alot of bloggers. And get to see the pretty bloggers like pinkpau and suet li with my bare eyes. XD

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Su Ann aka pinkpau and Suet Li

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Me, copykate, Sherry, Nuffnang co-founder timothy tiah and ren.

After the dinner, we were escorted to pavilion for the premier screening of Made of Honour. Somemore got police to help us to block the traffic wei. Feel so VIP. >.< Image Hosted by
Was escorted by the pipebags to pavilion as well
Everyone, i mean everyone were looking at us as if we were having a parade. XD

The movie ended around 11.50pm. Walked around starhill, the girls camwhored. Went home after that.

First time going to such event and it will never be my last. =)

Update that foretells another update

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Well, i'm glad 20 out of 29 allow me to be on the road again. However, my car's steering wheel is spoiled so i can't drive still. =.=" No, i did not that bang anything that causes the damage of my steering wheel.

Went for an event organized by nuffnang for the bloggers. Having an exquisite 8 course dinner at JW Marriott KL which features various wedding themed performances and the movie premiere of Made of Honour right after the dinner.

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The movie was great, will blog more about the dinner after i'm done stealing photos from other bloggers. XD

To drive or not to drive

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Okay, I've received damn alot complains for my friend ask me to stop driving. Good excuse huh? Since petrol is rising. XD

Should Teck Weng be allowed on the road?

Definitely No!!
Can la, bang also not my car.

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For the people who doesnt know, my record on the road were:
  1. I destroy my bicycle when i was in form 1
  2. I bang sam's car before i got my P license (Yes, i drive illegally.)
  3. I bang my mother's car after i got my P license
  4. Me and andrew was on his bike, went too fast, because i was too fat, it made andrew harder to steer the bike when we're at a sharp conner, we crashed.
  5. I bang into a cactus when i was driving andrew's motorbike. May 08 2008. (Yes, i drove illegally again.)
  6. I bang people's car number plate.
I'm a vehicle destroyer. -.-

Hire me to be a bus driver anyone? XD

History repeats itself

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Went sunway pyramid to catch a movie on the afternoon. Who know's the place was so freaking jam because they were having the summer splash party in Sunway Lagoon. Had a tour around Sunway Pyramid's parking for 20 mintues because it was so full. When i finally found a parking, i was so happy that i reverse without looking the car behind me.
No prize guessing what happen next.
BAMMMMM~ there goes the car's number plate. Yea, so i paid $20 bucks to the auntie to repair the car number plate. Luckily not even a scratch on my car's bumper. =)

Looking at the bright side.

Reached the cinema, decided to watch kung fu panda. As usual i missed the first 5 minutes of the movie.

I must admit, this show rocks. A show that will be enjoyed by children, teenagers or adults.

Petrol, an expensive liquid.

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Petrol prices went up by almost 40%. Die la, this time really have to eat roti kosong aka plain flour everyday. =.=" Our beloved Pak Lah some more dare to remove the price control over petrol. If any demonstration incident happens again, i wonder why.

Went ss14 to have my bak kut teh just now, was freaking jam thanks to the kia su malaysian who wanted the pump in the last $1.92 per litre of petrol into their car. Yorh, wan pump also pump in $2.70 per litre worth of petrol into the car ma, can feel damn proud for having such expensive liquid inside the car.

And talking about kiasu-ism, according to fly FM, some petrol station in Johor Bahru had already out of petrol due to quite a number of singaporean car travel to malaysia to pump petrol (I thought they ban foreign cars from pumping petrol in malaysia already?) Waliao eh, travel from singapore to malaysian the petrol burned also about the amount of money they save lor. A petrol station out of petrol is like a ATM machine without any cash inside, a guy who cant produce sperms. wtf.

Electricity price going up soon as well, die la by that time. Food prices goes up, transportation cost goes up, cost of having a girlfriend also goes up, every single thing with a price tag also goes up. Why la the salary never increase. T_____T

Battery powered car anyone?
PS: Not for Mavericks.

Tag yang teramat bodoh sekali

Thank you Pei Min for not asking me to do this dumb tag, screw andrew for tagging me instead =.="

Survey ini perlu dijawab dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

7 fakta tentang saya

-Saya mempunyai warna kulit seperti indon.
-Saye mempunyai 3 adik perempuan, maka saya mempunyai sifat-sifat kewanitaan.
-Saya tidak pernah memikat perempuan. XD
-Saya ini anjing betina.
-Saya selalu berangan-angan mahu jadi kaya.
-Saya merindui SMKSU.
-Saya selalu bermain dengan sendiri.

7 perkara menakutkan saya

-Duduk dalam kereta yang dipandu oleh sam dan andrew.
-Kotek saya jadi kecil.
-Jika maverick jadi gay.
-Mati sebelum saya dapat seks.
-Membuat tag dalam bahasa malaysia.

7 lagu buat masa sekarang

-Sentuh badan saya - Mariah Crey
-Ambil satu tunduk (Take a bow) - Rihanna
-Cinta dalam kelab - Usher
-Tenggelam - Budak Jalan Belakang (backstreet boys)
-Maaf - BuckCeri
-Selalu babi bayi aku (Always be my baby)- David Masak
-Buiikikaesu - Maximasi Hormon (Lagu Japan)

7 perkara yang selalu saya sebut

-Apa itu fuck (wtf)
-Leng lui ah moi
-"MAVERICK!!!" =.="

7 perkara yang amat bernilai

-Nyawa saya.
-Keluarga saya
-Kawan saya
-Kotek saya
-Duit saya
-Masa saya kerana masa saya adalah untuk dibazirkan. Jika tiadanya masa, maka saya tidak mempunyai masa untuk dibazirkan.
-Ingatan saya

7 “pertama kali” dalam hidup saya

-pertama kali pandu motosikal, saya langgar kaktus yang besar.
-pertama kali cium... dalam permainan kebenaran atau berani (truth or dare). T_____T
-pertama kali pandu kereta tanpa lesen, saya langgar kereta sam.
-pertama kali mengenali Maverick, "Fuyoh, macam gorilla dari hutan".
-pertama kali saya blog hingga tak tahu apa mahu tulis, adalah kerana tag bodoh ini.
-pertama kali menaiki bot, saya munta.
-pertama kali mengguna laptop, saya melayari laman lucah. -.-

7 orang bertuah (JAWAB TAG NI BALIK!)

Oleh kerena beta seorang yang mulia, maka beta tidak akan tag sesiapa pun, namun jikalau ada sesiapa yang ingin buat tag yang bodoh ini, maka dibuktikan dia adalah bodoh sangat. =.="

You're bored and you got the money

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Just an idiot wasting money..

Very very belated..

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It was actually last monday, when tieng wei and pei min ask me to go pyramid to meet up. Even though i got assignment which i haven started to hand up on wednesday i still went and meet them okay. How nice of me. Went shopping with them and camwhored all the way~

Them in the fitting room.

Baju delivery~

My leg is as long as them k?

spot me and tieng wei.

Went to Zen Japanese restaurant to celebrate Samuel's birthday. It was his 5th birthday celebration. =.=

We bought the cake because it was cute k, we are not cheapskates.'s for dessert.

Chicks vs dicks posing competition.

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And the winner is..




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