The reason why am I single?

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Short update:

My mom ask me during dinner just now whether i was gay or not because I've never bring any girl home.. WTF??

According to Pei Min, the reason I'm single till now is because:

-I'm annoying
-Too tall
-Too dark
-Eyes too big
-nose too small
-mouth too ugly
-Very annoying =.="
-hair never cut
-hair never comb
-nails too long
-cake also don't know how to hold properly
-pants too ugly
-i look like lala zai
-Dont know how to match the shirt with the tie
-Face too ugly
-Mirror will break when i show my face
-Camera will break if i'm in the picture
-Too skinny
-Freaking annoying
-I can't stand properly
-*when i stand properly* I stand like a school boy -.-
-and many many more....

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El Orfanato (The Orphanage)

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Saturday night staying at home to study? Hell No..

Everyone was quite busy, and zachary wanted to go out. Since i'm free, I went sunway pyramid with Zach to catch a movie. Wanted to watch Superhero movie but it was full. Ended up watching the Spanish horror movie - The Orphanage. 2 guys watching a horror movie, sad i know =.=" but i ain't staying at home studying.

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Check out the kid with his face covered by a bag.

Was late about 10 minutes for the movie because Zach was too obsessed playing with his Initial D, so i wasn't quite sure about how the story starts. So as i can remember the story starts when Laura, her husband Carlos and her adopted son Simon moved into a wrecked-up orphanage.


Simon (pronounced as Simone *coughandrewcough*)

After moving into their new home, Simon made a few friends and the stories goes on (I am not giving out any spoilers, go watch it yourself). They have this kid in the movie which wear a disturbing burlap mask freak me out.


Was quite a good movie directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, although i didn't really like the ending. But horror movies lovers will sure like the movie. Here's a trailer for you people to watch.

I'm speaking Engerish

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I hate chinese..


Ironic isn't it? I hate myself.. -.- No, i mean chinese as in those I-can-only-speak-mandarin chinese.

I don't have anything against Cina Ah lian / Cinapek actually, until some dumb stuffs happened. Damn Cina nvm la, somemore lan si wor, ask him a question nia kena diu back. Wtf, i swear i'll freaking throw him back to china if he ever ask me for help.

To Sherman a.k.a Sperman:

Happy birthday Sherman Wee!!

Sperma sudah lebih kuat dah, girlfrend pun sudah ada..
Bila mahu lahir anak? =_____="

I'm over it

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Assignment stress..

Wahahhahaa, finally done with the freaking management assignment, although i handed it up late by 9 seconds (Adelaide time). =.="

Had a hard time finish it because was having a terrible horrible vegetable stomach pain. So pain as if i'm giving birth to a 9 month old baby, but i don't want the baby to come out yet. So it was quite suffering la, you know.. trying to hold back my "baby", just to finish my assignment.

So i'm left with 3 more assignments and my final exam, will get a short holiday after that before starting my next semester where another pile of assignments will be waiting for me.. =.=

Will this ever end?

Back to square one

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Was suppose to be doing my 3k word long essay assignment due this monday. But ended up going ss2 Murni's with Han Wei, Karyn and Rachel Low.

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Murni's - Pack as usual.

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I'm gay -.-

Rachel and Karyn

Decided to go ac for pool after eating.

In the car.


Karyn showing how lousy han's parking is.

Was quite surprised when we reach ac, the table wasn'y fully occupied. Quite odd on a friday night. Played pool, I'm so lousy that even a blindfolded 5 year old boy could have beat me. =.="

Was quite fun la hanging out with you people. At least i forgot about my assignment for a period of time.

*All the pictures were stolen from karyn and rachel's blog,*

Now i'm back home stucked with my freaking assignment again.

I want cheap food!!

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, can anyone tell me where to get cheap food around ss15? I'm bored of eating at the wet market as their choices of food never changes. Dont tell me mamak food because it's not cheap as a $5.50 nasi goreng ayam barely fills my stomach.

Unless i order 5 roti kosong for $4.50. But I would have rather buy a pack of flour and swallow it. $4.50 for eating 5 pieces of no-fillings-fried-indian-pizza. Hell No.

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The Vagina Restaurant o_O

Call me cheapskate. Eating expensive food which doesnt even makes me full, isnt worth paying. I don't mind paying more money for good food la, but at least give me a bigger portion please?

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I'll even chew up the plate if i have to.

I enjoy eating more food then eating good food.

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This morning a old grandmother wanted to cross a busy street, so she asked me for help. So I help her to look out for cars and help her to cross. But wtf, she can actually walk faster then me. =.="

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" I might be old but i ain't lousy"

Momma's day

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*i've saved this post as draft instead of posting it to my blog =.=*

Well, we know how hard it is being a mother. Pooping out a baby out from their vagina. But it's even harder to take care of the baby.

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I'm very thankful for having a great mother who raised me up as a retarded healthy teenager.

Happy mothers day, and i love you mom =)

Riding an Unicorn, A pain in the ass..

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Wasnt riding a unicorn actually, but was riding a motorbike instead - andrew's bike. A big bike, not the ordinary low class rempit bike.

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Was with andrew, calvyn, yh, alvin having cendol session in ss15, went sean's house after that. Andrew had to fetch the brother home from tuition. So fetch lor, then he came and meet us up at sean's place.

The moment andrew arrive with his bike, Calvyn smile to andrew and request for a bikecycling lesson. So andrew teach lor, what's the clutch, how to gear up and down, front brake, back brake bla bla bla. Andrew's bike is a freaking manual bike which requires you to hold the clutch =.="

Calvyn had it a try, which was a great sucess for a beginner, he freaking drove around the whole ss17. Sean did to.

Finally it was my turn. Engine died the first time, almost bang a car. *manual bike can sei for la damn it*
Nvm, try again. So can run d lor the bike. Drive drive drive. It went faster and faster. So i wanted to stop. Forgot to hold the clutch to go back neutral gear.


I freaking bang into a cactus can? T__________________T

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Begitu malu boleh mampus, i drive a manual car, cannot handle a manual bike.

Minor scratches to the bike. *sry drew*
And some minor scartches for myself, thx to the dumb ass cactus which was not suppose to be in the city. Why la wanna plant cactus around their house, cactus belong to the dessert.

I think i crashed alot vechicle lor for my entire life span.

Form 2: i ride my bicycle, went fast, hold the front brake, fly. There goes the bike, hit my balls.
Form 5: Was riding on the motorbike with andrew. Went too fast, cannnot turn, Bang!! No injury sustained by me but andrew's leg the whole skin was peeled off? >.<
When i was getting my P license: I drove sam's car and bang it.
After i got my P license: I bang my mother's car.
May 08 2008: i freaking bang into a cactus on a motorbike.

To my friends and family: do let me drive your car if you wish your car to be banged. =)

Kiss The Ass

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Ampu my teachers. Kiss my teachers' asses. It is necessary sad to say.
In fact you need to kiss people's ass from time to time just to make them happy.
If you're off being your 100% true self in front of everyone, not everyone will like you.

I hate it when people "ampu" teachers to get better grades. They become teachers' pet wtf.
I am just getting s sick of it seriously.
And I don't see the point why teachers are giving "bonus marks" for the "smart students @pet students". Such biasness. My God.

I am not in a position to say anything because of 5,343,744,352,123 reasons.
I do not want to fail any of my subjects because I am 100% sure the teacher can make me fail anytime. Beeyatch.

I'm being noisy, playful in class and i often disturb the class. But that doesnt mean I have the be the one always being picked on.

So, perhaps i need to polish their shoe afterall since i need to see them until the end of the year, or worse until my graduation day.

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My teachers never looked like this. It’s a good thing, or I’d have learned even less in class.

Just updating for the sake of updating, running out of ideas. My life is boring, always waiting for a major, epic, life-changing event to happen, however the slightest possibility of happening doesn't even exist.