Copy Cat

| Sunday, April 27, 2008 | 0 comments |
Holiday started, but workload as tall as Kinangbalu Mountain is waiting for me to finish it. Sad isnt it? The worst part is plagiarism is not allowed. =(

Damn stupid lor, having works to do during the so called study break. Study break suppose to be like having a break from studying right, but we're given so much work to do during the break. Is like asking us to us to enjoy our orgasm but must shit at the same time. =.="

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Going left and right at the same time.

And talking about plagiarism, I notice that Disney cartoon does encourage plagiarism. -.-
and i got a freaking evidence to support it.

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The Colonel

| Tuesday, April 22, 2008 | 0 comments |
Going to have a busy week, thanks to some KFC-colonel-look-a-like lecturer from Australia who came all the way to give us lecture about management. But, typical me, I slept through the whole 4 hours lecture... weee~

If you're wondering how the lecturer looks like, he doesnt look like the asian one.

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No, definitely not the asian colonel.

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Yes, he looks exactly like that, less hair, and a bit younger looking.. =.="

Holiday next week, which means i could study through the weekend. relax for the entire weekend.

Stupidity Beyond Stupidity..........

| Friday, April 18, 2008 | 3 comments |

What happen to a Mercedes during April Fool.

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"gluey on the car door knob"

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On april fool's day.

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"I'm a victim of april fool"

After all the pranks on april fool, I realise something today. The car Gabriel "vandelised", is not Sean's car.



What i thought: "Su Zanne and Sean stays in shah alam, so they were car pooling for the past few weeks. And i thought it was Sean who fetch Su Zanne come and back from Taylors everyday. Sean is always driving the Mercedes around."

Reality: "Sean drove his car to Su Zanne's place. Then Su Zanne fetch him to college everyday. However Sean's the driver."

Untill today Cae Me ask Su Zanne about the petrol the Mercedes consume, I wouldn't know Su Zanne is the one who own the Mercedes. I feel like a blindfolded donkey who thought carrot is a apple.


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Face the wrath!!

| Monday, April 14, 2008 | 2 comments |

I've been going through a same rountine every week since uni started, and i bet you don't wanna read anymore of my bitching about my uni life, therefore i shall update something more interesting.

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Sex is very tempting, we know it. But people doesnt practice safe sex nowadays.

What if the woman get pregnant? We shall then enjoy guilty-free sex for the entire 9 month.

Abortion la what else. Got balls to bang, must have balls to take responsiblity la.

So people, please practice safe sex.

A community message brought by tw.

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Having sex without condom is like going out for war naked.

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Special condom are invented for noobs who doesnt know how to put on a condom. -.-

Other sexual intercourse are not advisable either.

Sexy, naughty bitchy me..

| Tuesday, April 8, 2008 | 1 comments |
I hate being indecisive, i never know what i want.

Below is some conversation that makes some of my friends go nuts sometimes.

Friend A: Eh, where to eat ah?
Me : Anywhere.
Friend A: Pizza?
Me : Expensive la, somemore i don't feel like eating flour.
Friend A: Erm, what about FohFoh (some hawker centre) ?
Me : No air cond la, so hot....
Friend A: Where you wanna eat then?
Me : Anywhere -.-

Friend B: Eh, what to do later? Damn sien ah..
Me : Anything.
Friend B: Let's go cyber cafe.
Me : No Money ah.
Friend B: Go play ball lor, wan anot?
Me : Damn lazy exercise ah..
Friend B: =.=" what you wanna do then?
Me : Anything.

Friend C: What to eat now ah? This time you decide, everyday i decide.
Me : Whatever lor, erm, but i dont know go where wor.
Friend C : What you feel like eating?
Me : Anything. You decide la.
Friend C: Chinese food?
Me : Orh...
Friend C : Which place punya chinese food?
Me : Anywhere
Friend C : @#$*#@%^$*#%$!!!

I feel so bitchy sometimes... >.<

So bitchy that i feel like i'm some 15 year old slut who is proud to tell the world that she had sex 300 times..

It's April Fool yo!!

| Tuesday, April 1, 2008 | 0 comments |
Pranksters in action... don't go wtf pls...

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wat the horse?!?!

Thing I've done during 1st of April
  1. I tell a girl that I saw her cleavage and ran away with a horny smile.
  2. I put glue on door knobs.
  3. I also put glue on staircase railings where people put their hands.
  4. I dropped a water balloon from the 3rd floor. Some girl shouted, but didn't know who got the first prize.

No picture la, was too syok fooling around, forgot to take pictures...