The beginning..

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As referred to pei min, the day which is the end-of-holidays-and-never-ending-assignments-which-gives-stress-plus-wake-up-at-7am-guarenteed-to-make-you-grumpy had just started. Had my orientation today, doesnt see anyone whom i'm very familiar with.

Sad, i know. Stupid people who chooses to go monash instead of taylors all go die la. Who ask me didn't study hard enough, monash rejected me, what to do.

Orientation was at the main campus, but knowing me, I went to the business scholl instead and wondering where's everyone -.-

Went in the Lecture Theatre Hall, stop and stare, expected, can't see anyone familiar, till i saw Su Zanne who is my secondary senior. Who is supposed to be 1 year older than me but she's not because she's a PTS student. So yea, she was in IMU studying pharmcy and she stopped and came here.

Speeches were given, yada yada yada, bla bla bla, wee wang wang wee wang wang.. BORING~~!

Suppose to take a photo for my student ID which i didnt, because i just dont feel like it. Sam pulled me to ftz for a dota game.

Looking forward for better days in taylors, my balls itches sitting listening to speeches. wtf.

PS: To pei min, I shall wish you happy-everyday-had-to-take-risk-of-getting-molested-to-school-day.

Signing Off, tw~

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Jay Chou World Tour Live 2008

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Jay Chow concert was the bomb.. Didnt waste my effort of going there early, and waited 4 hours under the hot sun for the concert to start. Didn't take any pictures though, but shall upload some photos taken by a STAR newspaper reporter Glenn Guan. Credits to for uploading the photos.

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He started the concert singing 黄金甲 from the movie curse of the golden flower.

Apparently the audience got so high that the seating area people beginning to stand on the chairs. It makes us free standing people to see nothing but the screen. We started to scream demanding the people in front to sit down. Moments later, people start throwing empty water bottles and wateva in their hands thrown into the crowds. Yay, and a few person got themselves "headshot-ed".

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And a short clip of Jay Chow playing the song Secret from the movie Secret.

And the piano duet from Secret.

Flushing down the toilet bowl..

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Found these toilet poems from vienna's blog =P

Source: Toilet Walls and Doors.
Poets: Undefined.

Title: Mighty Finger.
Here I lie in stinky vapor,
Because some bastard stole the toilet paper,
Shall I lie, or shall I linger,
Or shall I be forced to use my finger.
Title: A Case of Constipation.
Here I sit
Broken hearted
Tried to shit
But only farted

Title: Lau Sai.
You’re lucky
You had your chance
I tried to fart,
And shit my pants!

Title: Inspirations.
I came here
To shit and stink,
But all I do
Is sit and think.

Title: Just spending some time.
Some come here to sit and think,
Some come here to shit and stink,
But I come here to scratch my balls,
And read the bullshit on the walls…


Single Awareness Day

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Today is not valentines day, ITS NOT.. T_____________T

Valentine’s Day is always on the calendar to remind you once again of your loneliness, but I'm here to remind your loneliness again. =)

A few steps to celebrate Valentines Single Awareness Day:

Step 1:Ignore it. It may sound dumb but try just avoiding the holiday completely. Remind yourself that Valentine’s Day is a corporation created holiday made to sell roses and cards and candy. Think about the money you are saving. It is only one day and you don’t have to let it get to you.

Step 2:Exploit it. You aren’t the only one who’s going to be alone on Valentine’s. Head out to a bar or club and you’ll meet plenty of people feeling just as you do. In fact, you’ve got a better shot at landing a phone number that night than any other. Think of the possibilities.

Step 3:Celebrate your own holiday. Treat yourself to a nice dinner or a night off. Take it easy alone and remind yourself of the peace that solitude brings. Enjoy the freedom that only single people can know.

Step 4:Cope. If nothing else works, don’t let yourself be alone. Call your single friends and go hang out. You can always find solace in numbers and you don’t have to be alone just because you don’t have a significant other in your life. Throw a singles only party for all the unattached people you know. You won't feel badly once you realize how many others are on their own on Valentine's Day.

Step5:Make the money out of it, Valentines is also a day where people buy/sell roses, chocolates and soft toys, so why not get a supplier and you start selling these item, you can make lots of money. Couples get to buy the stuffs for their love one. Is a win-win situation. =D

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Ain't Happening in Malaysia

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Is a Joke.. =)


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On the way back to my hometown, the traffic is horrible, terrible and vegetable i tell you. Malaysia is a multi-racial country and therefore there were all kind of races going back kampung/going on holiday and thus causing massive jam. Seriously lor, Is CHINESE NEW YEAR, not a malay-indian-chindian-bangla-indon-myanmar new year, can't you people just stay at home wait till maybe the second day of CNY only go travelling or do wateva you want. The bus terminal is full with blacks i tell you.

Had KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds for lunch, dinner and next day's lunch because :

1. A proper chinese restaurant is so packed that they don't even have the place for you to stand and eat.

2. Prices are double triple the normal price.

3. You won't get a good servce and food comes slow due to big amount of customer.

The world is sooooo small i tell you..

I get to meet a girl Jessica Chiang who is currently a classmate of my primary classmate - Han Xin and secondary classmate - Pei Yi IN MUAR. Which is 200km away from subang. =.="

And Jessica is also a friend of my classmate in Muar.

cool anot? =P

Grace had left Malaysia this morning, sad la, everyone is going Australia. Jana, Er Khai and Jia-Li will be flying soon too.

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Tat Ren and Grace who had left our beloved country.

Happy CNY..

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While people are all on the way to hometown, i'm still here sticking my ass to the computer blogging. Is not like i'm not going back to my hometown la, just a bit later =P
Anyway, tw here wishing you people a happy rat-infested new year.

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Since i've quit my job and my course only start at the end of february, haven been doing anything

productive lately and now i'm kinda addicted playing this typing thingy. -.-

I shall now officially declare my life absolutely no life.. T_____________T

And just because i have no life,

I had just wasted 1 minute of your life reading this.. -_________________-