Haiti’s poor eat mud cookies

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Cookies made of mud – that is what the poor in Haiti are being forced to eat, thanks to rising food prices in the Caribbean nation.

Carrying buckets of dirt and water up ladders to the roof of the former prison for which the slum is named, they strain out rocks and clumps on a sheet, and stir in shortening and salt. Then they pat the mixture into mud cookies and leave them to dry under the scorching sun.

The biscuits, made from dried yellow clay mixed with water, salt and vegetable shortening or margarine, have become a staple for Haitians who are unable to afford even a plate of rice, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The cookies, known as “terre,” taste smooth but suck out the moisture from the mouth as soon as they touch the tongue, leaving an unpleasant earthy aftertaste that lingers for hours


Source: Chinadaily.com, 2008


Can you people believe that there is people who eat mud to survive, they don't even have tree trunks/leafs/grass to eat which i think it has more nutrition lor compare to mud.

I think if this continues, they will be out of mud and start eating human like zombies.


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Nutricious and total count of 56 billion on the surface of the earth, it takes quite a long time to eat them all.


Renaldo Lapuz

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Found this video from emilywong,

American Idol season 7, this fellow had made history =.="

Bersih, Cekap, Amanah bullshit..

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Looks like the so called Saya Anti-Rasuah campaign has not shown any results yet...

Just after 3 hours after the countdown at The Curve and on our way back to Subang, there was this roadblock in the middle of no where. Apparently our car was stopped because we have 6 person in a Proton Wira.


I wonder if there is a law stating no more than 5 person in one car lor, if really got hor, those family of 6 need to have some democracy vote before going out lor, see who's gonna stay at home.

However we got liquor in the car which the police didnt find it and our driver drink abit of the liquor so we wouldnt dare to make a big fuss over it

Nia ma kan ne pu bo puki, kanasai.

Fucking police make lim pek celebrate my New Year by making me poorer.

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