Merry Christmas Everyone..

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I know it has been ages since i update any interesting post, sorry la.. too busy.. >.<

Long long time ago ….

At Christmas night a girl saw the Santa Clouse and ask Santa that she want a brother as this year Christmas present…

Then the Santa said, “Send your mom to my house then your wish will come true to you.. Hohoho”.

He laid her on the table.

So white and clean and bare.

He touched her neck then felt her breast, then felt her thighs.

The slit was wet and all was set.

The hole was wide.He looked inside, all was darked and murky.

He rubbed his hands and strechted his arms


And he stuffed the turkey. -.-"

Merry Christmas!!

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I'm back.

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If you're wondering where I've been..

I'm working part time at some place..

Almost got lost in a jungle at Langkawi..

Linking my soul with Online Games.. -.-

Too lazy to blog anyway..
Now, I am back, FEAR ME!!!! =.="

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