To all A-level, ICPU, Foundation student,

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YEA BABE, is our SAM-ians holidays man... Off to Penang soon... Bitches Beaches, Here i Come!!

Gay Lord,

Doing the right thing..

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Malaysia, a place you shouldnt lose your phone.. the survery showed that only 13 out of 30 phone lost might be retrieved in Malaysia.. damn..

Can't people do the right thing by giving back the lost phone to its owner?

Reminds me of CJ's phone got stolen...

Called the lost phone..

The fellow (a chinese) who stole the phone somemore go answer..

He somemore said he had no wrong, since the phone was there and looks owner-less, so he just took it and drove off with his car..

I was like wtf... Can i just rape his girlfriend and say... ohh.. i thought she was a Free of Charge whore and i should rape her since no one is farking her...


I would'nt return the phone if i found any..

Well people, Let's the do the right thing if you found any lost phone... =)

Post yang so begitu the random...

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Futsal, kaki patah sport... leg damn pain already after futsal.. had fun though, having jia-li, debbie pulling sutesh pants, tze yin going crazy screaming "maaaACHAA~ BOOM!!" everytime she shoots a ball... Grace having injuries from banging people/kena bang by people.. Melvin having his balls blasted by a ball kick by sherman, me being a goalkeeper.. posing.. Er Khai and Dong Yang running like mad dogs.. and Dong Yang finally got his leg injured..

Tat Ren posing bottomless with his jersey... =)

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Holiday coming in 3 days time... YEA BABE... planning to go Penang with friends.. had problems wif accommodation though.. need to find a really cheap one.. Boys ma, sure kedekut abit one.. so can spend money on other stuffs.. Any one got suggestion hotel mana satu banyak cheap punya?

In case any problem occur during the process of planning, I've already prepared a

Problem Solving Flowsheet..

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Me, myself and I

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Grace asked me a question today...

Grace: "Eh Teck Weng, do you know when is the ramahdan is? Next month right?"

Me:"How would i know, i am not a malay.. =.="

Haha.. i know she is not trying to say that i'm a malay la.. but I dont know why i answered that way..


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The Maverick

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This is Maverick-loh...

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I think most of the people know's or at least saw him before in Taylor's University College, since he's uniquely different from most of the people..

He is BIG..

He is BLACK.. even the picture is in black and white.. his body blocked all the colours.. -.-

Well.. he was sent to the Subang Jaya Medical Centre because of his blackness and bigness food poisoning.. sad isint it? normally he could eat 1 BUCKET OF KFC CHICKEN..

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yes.... you heard me.. one bucket, which contains 12 pieces of chicken.. THE MAVERICK can devour it all in just minutes..

He is now in the hospital, laying around, the only thing he get to eat was just poridge... a small tiny bowl of poridge..

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and he can't even laugh... his stomach was too pain for jokes..

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but well... sam trying to be a joker again.. maverick macam monyet dicucuk buntut, enjoying but suffering as well... went home after that since hospital will start chasing visitor with broom sticks after 10pm..

That's all there is, There isnt anymore

Meaning of Life

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Basically meaning of life is about money...
Trials is coming... gotta do well..
or else...
graduate with a rubbish result..
Can't get a job..
No Money...
End of Life..

Japanese and their Game Shows

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found this few clips on the net... Japanese and their game shows.. Enjoy..

The other 2 is 18sx... People who are under 18 are advised not to watch, or please watch it with our parents.. but you wont anyway...


damn.. i wonder when will Malaysia start having a more entertaining game show broadcasted..