Taylor's Charity Day

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Taylor's Charity Day was quite awesome.. with so many people came from all over the world, to donate. The best part was NO CLASS we get to enjoy ourselves and get to raise funds for charity..

My class and han's class were doing the song dedication thing, and it turns out quite ok.. though the price was quite expensive, even i wouldnt spend money dedicating songs..


Me getting ready to promote our booth..

3 Laptop and 2 i-pods, our music gallery

Ms. Alicia, our advisor/person-in-charge/make-sure-we-dont-spoil-the-equipment person

Our DJ, Chiam Tat Ren a.k.a DJ One Ball

Orang sangat the BANYAK

Debbie, Melanie, Jia-Li, Preeta and Grace, the girls that made YUMMY brownies

He looks dry doesnt he?

Now, he's not..

2 wet and horny class reps

Got ditched by him after that..


People, meet joann, Han Wei's girlfriend..

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Sweet isn't it?

But still, being gay are still the best, a dance of me, sam and han.. ENJOY

Credits to Jia-Li for recording and uploaded the video.. THANK YOU!!

Maybe more pictures will be uploaded soon, that's all for now..

Taylor's Charity Night Concert And Modelling Contest

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The Taylor's Charity Night was an event most of the Taylorian's are expecting to be better then Muscial Night which was last week, apparently not..

i) MC suck, i dont even know what is he talking.. bad entrance.. made some jokes, but not much people were paying attention..

ii) Band were okay untill some band from my secondary school came up, and sang... it was awwwwwwwful..

iii) Modelling was nice, their outfit were excellent.. *sorry no pics for the models because they were pumping out smokes where the model post, so NOT EVEN ONE CLEAR PIC OF IT*

See how boring they are?

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Rating for the Event:

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Hello World

| Wednesday, July 25, 2007 | 2 comments |
Hey people

Trying to have interest of blogging here.. Support me man!!

Well.. This week is the worst week of SAM, EVERY SINGLE DAY WE GOT EXAM/ASSIGMENT/PROJECTS TO DO..

so.. perhaps will start my blogging things during the weekends? =)